37th AGM And Conference Papers

November 21, 2023 (Tuesday)

Technical Session-1: Power, Politics & People (Hall-II, Department of Commerce)
Evaluating Confidence in Government and Its Determining and Contributing Factors; A Case Study of Pakistan using World Value Survey
Yasir Zada
Women’s Empowerment: A Barrier or a Catalyst for Income Poverty and Time Poverty in Rural Pakistan
Shahzad Kouser
Unveiling Food Pricing Policy Challenges in Pakistan
Political Risk, Capital Inflows and Inclusive Growth in Pakistan
Hamad Manzoor
Technical Session-2: Public Policy and Market Efficiency (Hall-III, Department of Education)
An Examination of Industrial Policy: Strategies, Impact, and Global Perspectives
Usman Qadir
Evolving Market Efficiency Test: Evidence from an Emerging Stock Market
Abid Hameed
Foreign Aid vs Trade
Muhammad Zeshan

November 22, 2023 (Wednesday)

Technical Session-3: Macroeconomic Policies and Institutions (Hall-I, Jinnah Auditorium)
The limit of monetary policy: A trivariate analysis of inflation,  policy rate,  and economic growth in Pakistan
Ashfaque Hassan Khan
Tax Morale, Trust in Institutions and the role of Governance
Nadeem Sarwar
From Boom to Bust: The Perils of Pro-Cyclicality in Fiscal Policy
Shagufta Shabbar
Technical Session- 4: Human Capital Investment and Workers’ Efficiency (Hall-II, Department of Commerce)
Information Technology, Firm Efficiency, and Foreign Outsourcing Collaboration in Production Processes: A Developing Economy Firm’s Perspective
Irfan Ali
Human Capital Investment, Family Structure And Demographic Dividend: Preliminary Evidence From Pakistan
Sajjad Akhtar
Analyzing The Productive Mechanism of Human Capital for TFP in Pakistan:  New Insights from Women’s Empowerment
Bushra Mushtaq
Technical Session-5: Work Environment, Productivity and Incentives (Hall-III, Department of Education)
Supply Responses of Major Crops of Punjab, Pakistan: Translog Profit Function Approach
Humza Sohail
Values, Women’s Autonomy and Workforce Participation in Pakistan: Evidence from the World Values Survey
Mannan Hassan Khan
Budgeting for the Future: Estimating the Lifetime Cost and Services Length of Public Sector Employees in Pakistan
Ajmal Kakar

November 23, 2023 (Thursday)

Technical Session-6: Public Financial Management (Hall-I, Jinnah Auditorium)
Adequacy of PSDP Public Sector Development Programme of Pakistan Facts, Problems and Solutions
Shukat Ali Randhawa
Public Financial Management in Pakistan: An Emerging Architecture Perspective
Nargis Noman
Migrant Remittances and Economic Complexity: Evidence from Panel Data Approach
Naseem Nasar
Technical Session-7: Debt Management and Sustainability (Hall-II, Department of Commerce)
The Economics of Household Debt
Nasir Iqbal
Debt a Threat to Economic Growth: An Evidence from Extreme Bound Analysis
Aisha Tariq
Factors Affecting External Debt & Liabilities  in Pakistan
Talat Anwar
Subnational Debt in Pakistan: Role of Fiscal Imbalances, Economic Growth and Rule-Based Debt Policy
Asim Bashir
Technical Session-8: Institutions and Governance Reforms (Hall-III, Department of Education)
Preferred Habitat and Monetary Policy Spillovers: Evidence from Inter-Market Dynamics in Pakistan
Abdul Wahid
Trust in Financial Institutions: Examining Regional, Gender, and Urban-Rural Disparities in Pakistan
Ariba Aslam
Critical Examination of NTDC Electricity Demand Forecasting Techniques
Shafqat Abbass