• Pakistan Society of Development Economists is the oldest society of economists in Pakistan which brings national and international scholars to debating, analyzing, and developing policy frameworks on the most recent and concurrent economic issues. PSDE has been conducting Annual General Meetings (AGM) and conferences for more than three decades on the most topical, relevant, and contemporary issues of Pakistan’s economy, including though not limited to economic stabilization, growth, and development, governance, cities as engines of growth, poverty and inequality, human capital, social capital. Public and private-led growth, taxation and fiscal policy, knowledge economy, trade and globalization, the charter of economy, opportunities to excel, and regional connectivity.
  • AGM and conferences of PSDE have successfully generated debates and spearheaded critical research on policy-relevant topics.
  • The conferences had been attended by national and international scholars, including Nobel Laureates, policymakers, development practitioners, politicians, and parliamentarians.

Our Aim

  • Since its inception PSDE has aimed to develop a knowledge community based on the principles of a sense of community, representation, equality, and inclusivity.
  • A pluri-vocal community that is based on territorial diversification and representation of knowledge communities from different countries, cultures, and societies.
  • Develop a framework for economic policy based on empirical research on the key public policy issues.

Why is PSDE Membership Important?

  • PSDE membership is important for historical relevance and its contribution to developing policy frameworks and prescribing policy solutions to the topical economic problems confronting the global economy.
  • PSDE is housed in the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics- the oldest public sector think tank in the country.
  • PSDE membership is an important stimulant for the international educational community.

Who can be PSDE Members?

  • Membership is open to any educational institution (universities, think tanks, knowledge communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc.), and individuals (practitioners, educational researchers, policymakers, etc.).
  • There is an annual membership for individual members, which will be renewed annually. The individuals can also opt for a lifetime membership.

Membership Fee

  • The cost of annual membership for individuals is: 2,000/year
  • The cost of a lifetime membership for individuals is:           10,000/year
  • The cost of membership for international individuals is: USD 100/year

What are the Benefits of PSDE Membership?

  • By becoming a member of PSDE, an individual can become a part of an international knowledge community.
  • Networking, knowledge sharing, and exchange of ideas and experiences have always been the forte of PIDE’s and PSDE’s academic collaborations. By becoming a member, one also becomes a part of a vibrant and inclusive academic and practitioner community.
  • Participation in the annual PSDE conferences, which are organized across different provinces of Pakistan to ensure geographic pluralism. In the past, PSDE has organized conferences in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta, which highlight local issues and hence provide local solutions through research, debates, and panel discussions.
  • Contribution to advancing empirical research and devising operable frameworks of change, growth, and development.
  • The members will be regularly electronically updated about PSDE activities which include publications, paper presentations, webinars, regional conferences, EconFest, and many more.
  • For members, discounts and facilitation will be offered (on accommodation) to physically join in conference sessions and workshops.
  • Opportunity to organize joint sessions in PSDE annual conferences, PSDE regional conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops, and other events organized or co-organized by PSDE.


How to apply for PSDE Membership

  1. Visit the PSDE website (https://psde.pide.org.pk/),
  2. Download PSDE membership form
  3. Send the scan copy of the bank receipt and filled form to PSDE at [email protected]
  4. Acknowledgement and further details will be sent in return email